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Bitcoin Games-the New Games That Will Shape the Future Gaming Market

If you’re a Bitcoin fan and a gamer then you can enjoy a few titles in gaming

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When it comes to game titles, the gaming industry has come up with plenty. Thanks to creative game developers there are multiple games in different genres. Each year new titles make it on the scene and blow gamers’ minds away.

Trends are followed in the industry which is why mobile games are available. The Bitcoin mania is something that has also attracted a lot of attention which the gaming industry made sure to incorporate. Because of this the first-ever blockchain-based game, CryptoKitties, was born.

Nowadays, there are several games that encompass various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included. If you’re a Bitcoin fan and a gamer then you can enjoy a few titles that incorporate this cryptocurrency. In that regard, here are some Bitcoin games that you’ll come across:


Splinterlands is a card game that you can enjoy solo or with friends. You get to play with one of 6 factions and your goal is to vanquish the others. You do so by collecting cards and other items that will strengthen your deck. If you don’t feel like collecting stuff you can always buy items with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the many supported ones.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is a simulator game that’s ideal for beginners in Bitcoin trading. It features virtual ACF points, other players, and real prices that you’d find on an exchange. The other players will be your competition and you’ll be given tools you can make use of for making your analyses.

Decision-making skills are important as a trader and this simulator will teach you those skills. Additionally, it offers several competitions where you can test your trading skills. If you make it to the top you’ll be rewarded with real Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you prefer.

The simulator is great for practice, something you’ll need as a trader. However, trading can be quite risky when you’re using your money. That’s why you can rely on platforms that will do the trading for you. There are several such platforms out there and one of them is the Bitcoin Code automated trading platform. You’ll need an account and deposit to get things started. Once you go over the tutorials and demo lessons you can set your bot to do the trading for you. Just make sure to check on it from time to time.

Merge Cats

Merge Cats is a relatively simple title. There are various types of cats that will appear and you’ll have to match them to get points. What’s interesting about this game is that it lets you earn Bitcoin. You’ll have several daily challenges and tournaments that you can participate in. If you’re a skilled player you won’t have a problem nabbing those prizes.


This is a similar game to the previous one. The difference is that instead of cats you’ll need to match cryptocurrencies. There are various ones that will appear and Bitcoin is among them. This game will also offer you challenges and push you to get more points you can then convert into cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Flip

This is another game that functions as a trading simulator. Unlike Altcoin Fantasy this one focuses solely on Bitcoin trading. That’s why you’ll see real prices of assets on the market. You’ll also play against other players on the virtual market.

Additionally, you’ll be able to learn how to handle your investments carefully, when to sell, and when to buy Bitcoin. In other words, you’ll get the practice you’ll need to become a proper trader. You’ll also get to make mistakes without suffering the losses.


It’s evident that the gaming industry is changing and that Bitcoin will play an important role in these changes. The cryptocurrency is already a viable payment method for gift cards and several services let you get a discount on a game if you’re using any kind of cryptocurrencies. In other words, Bitcoin is becoming a popular way to make purchases.

Besides that, thanks to the many Bitcoin games out there the crypto gaming market is growing. This means that in the future you can expect more titles that utilize Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. The new kind of gamer emerges, the time of the Bitcoin gamer is here.

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