VATSAL AGARWAL: Recipient of World Entrepreneur of the year award 2020


This award is presented to, identify and promote the world’s revolutionary entrepreneurs who can bring about a change in the society, the award honors only a few great leaders who have been judged on the positive social impact of their business ventures, how their business has or can change the way things work and how they are inspiring others with their leadership.

The award winners were selected by a panel of international judges from across the business world from a shortlist of 50 young international entrepreneurs.

The encouraging journeys of these unstoppable entrepreneurs reveal how they didn't stop at any downs to achieve their ambitions. These awards help to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs from all over the world, who have existing initiatives dealing with some of the planet’s biggest sustainability challenges.

Many young entrepreneurs are changing the dynamics of our world silently every day. One among them is bright and young, Vatsal Agarwal, an upcoming entrepreneur from India who has been honoured with the “World entrepreneur of the year award 2020”. Entrepreneur Vatsal Agrawal always dreamed of “building something big.” He is one of the most intellectual and young entrepreneurs of India. He always thought ahead of times and has always been a visionary successfully applying for various patents right from his college days.

It was his strong will, determination and power to take risks in life that led him to a great point of success. Being only 26 years old he is the founder and CEO of simplex coke and refractory, which is the 4th largest merchant manufacturer and trader of met coke in the north and western India with a turnover of around 100 crores.

Under his leadership, Vatsal Agarwal recently took over a BSE listed company, Stratmont Industries limited. He also has a piling division which has risen to become India's largest piling rig rental company. It recently acquired many brand new piling rigs and is executing several metro and infrastructure projects

This young Turk brings to the table breakthrough idea and has set up four world-class IT ventures. Some of his ideas are  


This idea was driven by the current Covid scenario where each one of us is struggling and has to think twice before spending a single penny. Setting up a loyalty point program which will be a universal programme and that will be accepted, by all installation was a great task. The loyalty point program in India is still very unorganized wherein the basic concept is that every shop will have its loyalty points programme and as every shop has a customer base, this loyalty programs will be created to give certain benefits for a very small database of customers. he kept the idea simple that when someone visits a restaurant or a shopping mall, saloons, spas, maybe even buy airline tickets, etc. 

People should earn loyalty points wherein a consumer gets a benefit for every penny he spends from his hard-earned money and there should be a special reward structure for visiting the same place again. Vatsal Agarwal's visionary concept is that if anyone does any spending, he or she is entitled to receive a uniform loyalty point which they can encash at any outlet for buying anything of their choice, as per the points available, people can even use these points as cash withdrawal in case of emergencies. the freedom and the flexibility of having universal loyalty points shall make this loyalty program a great hit not only in India but also around the globe. 

To summarize the loyalty program will reward customers for brand loyalty, and provide issuing company with a wealth of consumer information ,keep track of all purchases, and which products are doing good and which are not.

Customers will stick to a hotel, restaurant, airline, etc., because of the customer satisfaction that has given the full value of one's money and brand value. loyalty point is a big success story and it shall change the customer’s spending pattern in India as well as all over the world, once introduced.



Equipment banks is a revenue-creating website to increase the bottom line of construction companies who are having an abundance of idle equipment (not in use).

Equipment bank helps large construction companies to re-deploy and earn revenue for this equipment. construction equipment if kept idle is “capital wastage” since the profit margin of constructions company is thin and it can increase three times if they partner equipment bank. 

Construction companies have realized that to increase the bottom line they have to reduce the CAPEX of construction equipment. in times like covid that has struck the entire world, committing CAPEX on construction equipment could be suicidal for any large construction company. The range of services offered by includes the online sale, purchase, hire, auction transportation, finance, insurance etc. equipment banks has many subdivisions some of them are listed as follows 


Vatsal Agarwal has launched with us investor and an Indian coal giant a coal marketplace named ‘’ where anyone could integrate real-time stock positions of various coal traders at different ports present, directly on the portal screen, such that buyers and sellers can match their price expectations as per market conditions with offices in Delhi, Kolkata.



Simplex coke has many key customers like tata chemical, Nirma, Hindustan zinc, Hindalco, Jindal saw, Essar, Kirloskar, JSPL, etc. they have tied up with 7 coke manufacturers to build a pan India presence. met coke has the potential to become one of the most critical pillars of the Aatma Nirbhar (self-reliant India) movement, as it is an essential import substitution product.

India has meagre reserves of coking coal and coke making capacity which is the reason it’s dependent on china, China dictates the coke market by either increasing coke price or dumping the coke price to such a level that the Indian government had to impose the anti-dumping duty of USD 25 per ton on imports from China which increases the profit margin of domestic producers like simplex coke. 

Seeing this as a good opportunity in coke, Vatsal Agarwal has recently signed an MOU with the Gujarat government, under ‘vibrant Gujarat’ to set up new manufacturing capacities.



The construction sector in India is the second-largest employer and contributor to economic activity, and accounts for the maximum inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) . The Indian government has an ambitious target of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025. Vatsal Agarwaal has successfully expand simplex coke to become India's largest piling rig rental company. “The high margins in the equipment rental business were not sufficiently exploited, especially that of piling rigs,” says Vatsal Agarwaal. 

Vatsal Agarwaal believes that post-covid 19, the rental industry shall see a rise as construction companies and contractors will defer buying brand new equipment



There should be no excuse for not following your goal of being an entrepreneur. it doesn't matter how young or how old you are, nor how big or how small your idea is, entrepreneurship can be achieved by many different demographics. As Vatsal Agarwal receives the world entrepreneur of the year award 2020, we hope his story will inspire you and help you realize that it's neither never too late nor too early to pursue your dreams of being a successful business owner and charting your path.

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