Viral: Now, internet explodes over 'angry woman' photo found at Bengaluru vegetable market

Many Bengalurians pointed out the photo was used to ward off the evil eye

bengaluru viral photo angry woman A picture of an "angry woman" hanging at a vegetable market in Bengaluru went viral | Twitter

A picture of a woman hanging at a vegetable market in Bengaluru went viral after it was shared online. The woman, with her big round eyes, bulged out, seems like staring at the screen while the photo was clicked. The unusual expression, gave the photograph an element of fun to it, despite the lady's angry stare. 

The photo of the "angry woman" became an instant hit after it was tweeted from a handle called Niharika (@Niharika__rao) on May 10, Friday. 

"I am so glad I stepped out today," the profile captioned the X (formerly Twitter) post that shared multiple snaps of the woman's photo hanging above several boxes of tomatoes. Other fruit and vegetable carts in the background confirmed that the photo was taken at a market.

Reacting to a reply, Niharika said that the photo was taken from the vegetable market near the Kathriguppe water tank. Kathriguppe is situated in the Banashankari neighbourhood of Bengaluru. 

The post, which was viewed by over 100.6K people during the time of compiling this report, created some funny reactions. "Boeing should paste this on the nose of their aircraft," one user wrote in reply to the post. "This is exactly how I feel about tomatoes as well," another wrote. 

Hinting at the scare factor in the woman's look, another user commented, "My doctor is going to reach out to you for my lack of sleep in the next couple of days. Thanks."

Amidst the fun fest, some users pointed out that the photo was used to ward off evil eyes. Multiple replicas of the woman were copied and used by other shops in the market as well. Some even managed to post photographs of the same image being used in other parts of the city.

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