Renowned Kannada writer K T Gatti dies at 85

Gatti hailed from Koodlu in Kasaragod district of Kerala


Renowned Kannada novelist, playwright and poet Koodlu Thimmappa Gatti, died at his residence here on Monday.  He was 85.  

Winner of the Kendra Sahitya Academy and Rajyotsava awards, Gatti hailed from Koodlu in Kasaragod district of Kerala. He has published more than 50 novels and essays, two poems including one in English, and more than 50 plays. Among them, around 30 plays written for children were translated to different languages and broadcast in Akashavani.

His novels include Shabdagalu (1976), Saumya (1978), Mane, Ramayajnya, Nirantara, Abrahmana, Amuktha, Avibhaktaru, Karmanye Vadhikarasthe, Koopa, Poojary, Bisilugudure, Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya, Yugantara, Shilatapaswi, Swarna Mraga and Aragina Mane. After a stint as a college lecturer in Udupi, Gatti travelled to Ethiopia where he worked as professor. He also obtained diplomas in English from Trinity and Oxford colleges in England.  After returning to India, he quit teaching and took up farming at Ujire near here in Dakshina Kannada district.

Gatti's literary contributions earned him widespread recognition. 


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