Writers that powered through the world via their books


Books are the things that impact human life the most. There are so many marvelous literary works available in the market that sometimes readers may get confused. The best content doesn't need to come from writers who invest a lot in their brand building and marketing tricks. Here are some of the publications that every reader must have in his/her read list if they haven't read them already.

Extra ordinary by Sailee Tiwari

The bestselling debut novel by Sailee is based on a gamut of topics that revolve around human life and its experiences. Have you ever felt a profound emotion surging through you because of happenings in your own life? Have you felt connected to people because of a happening in their life? The experiences of a human life design human behavior and character. It paves beliefs that affect their decisions. The book highlights 12 such stories which can connect through many such incidents and instances.

A turbulent mind - my journey to Ironman 70.3 by Swetha Amit

Swetha Amit has a double master’s degree in Psychology and is pursuing MFA in Fiction Writing at the University of San Francisco. She also has a certificate in non-fiction creative writing from Stanford University. As a writer, she has multiple published works, which include her memoir title 'A Turbulent Mind' and several anthologies. Her book has received recognition at various forums and won a couple of awards. She is also an avid reader, runner, and triathlete. A Turbulent Mind chronicles her journey to the grueling Ironman 70.3 race. In her candid memoir, she addresses her fear of open water swim, life as an immigrant in California, her insecurities, trials and tribulations, and the nuances of doing a triathlon.

Phases of COVID-19 by Dr. Priyasi Das

Dr. Priyasi Das is an award-winning author, engineer, publisher, honorary doctorate in Literature, and multiple record-holder from Kolkata. She has authored 7 books and co-authored over 48 anthologies. She is also the founder of Priya's Wisdom Publication. The World is changing every day and people are suffering from this drastic pandemic mentally and physically. This virus is truly taking away our loved ones and creating a barrier of destruction in our life with huge panic attacks and depression. This book contains the truth about Coronavirus which includes several deep thoughts and elaborations regarding proper precautions, symptoms, medications, etc. It depicts the personal experience of the author.

Whispers of a Nyctophile by Pragya Gogoi

Multiple award-winning and world-record-holding author, Pragya Gogoi debuted with Whispers of Nyctophile, which is a staggering collection of poetry exhibiting a plethora of emotions that people from all walks of life can relate to. The author beautifully pens down 61 long and short poems on manifold aspects of life with a vivid imagination and rich vocabulary, making the book an Amazon bestseller within just one month of release. Pragya holds the record of being the youngest Indian author to write a bestselling debut book in just 3 days.

Its punny.. Oops, I mean funny! by Namita Das

The recently released ‘It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny!’ by Namita Das is a collection of breezy short stories depicting how an urban couple goes about their life, work, and parenthood. The book is already making a wave all over and has managed to strike a chord with the readers. Stories are laced with situational humor and bring an instant smile on the lips as you turn the pages. The banter between the couple is really funny with lots of laugh-a-loud moments. This book can be an ideal laughter vaccine to sail through Covid19 induced stressful times.

Rhime of Time by Padmaja Bharti

This is an amazing compilation of the complex emotions of the author written in simple words. Each poem is printed in italics and the description at the end makes it easy for the readers to understand what the author conveyed. Most of the poems are free verses, but some are alluringly rhyming.

The Pride of t20 cricket by Abhishek Kapoor

This cricket-based comedy novel holds a unique record. It has been a national bestseller on more than twenty-five distinct occasions. It is also an international bestseller. The story of the dubious cricket coach, his team of rookies, his daughter, and her boyfriend is immaculately presented in this fast-paced light-read. 

The Selfish Betrayals by Abhishek Kapoor

The story of betrayals, based on the murder mystery of a famous model of Kanpur, and an egocentric investigator Monty, manages to thrill the readers with its uncommon use of words, language, unique plot till the last page. The book has won several national and international recognitions in the literary field. It is indeed one of the most exquisite debut novels by an Indian author recently.

Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti

This is the result of a combination of extensive research by the author and her ideas regarding the use of social and moral values to improve the current lifestyle and diplomacy. It also focuses on the importance of peace to current and future generations.

Ethical Economics from history to the modern world by Padmaja Bharti

The market and the mind are not sellable. The future is for sale because we all live in a futuristic world. Presently, our future depends on duty, rule-based ethics, and character-based ethics. Post COVID-19, India's future will be divided into two parts: investment which depends on rule-based ethics, and character-based ethics which comes under brand creation, gold value, and market potential.

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