Third term sure for Modi, say renowned astrologers

Fate has already been decided, claims Mumbai-based astrologer Sundeep Kochar


With the Lok Sabha elections a month away the political climate is heating up. If one were to believe the opinion polls, the Narendra Modi-led NDA government is in pole position. Even as the political silhouettes are more or less clear, the opposition bloc that includes the grand old party of Indian politics, the Congress, is expected to throw all its might to topple the Modi juggernaut.

So, will it be an easy ride for Modi? Will the NDA fall short of the majority? Or, in an utter surprise, will Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee and company have the last laugh?

THE WEEK spoke to renowned astrologers to map out the next two to three months and fathom out what the stars have to say about the world’s largest democratic exercise and India's prime minister.

Said Chithrabhanu K. Poduval, an astrologer in Payyanur, Kerala, "The polling dates and the day of the result are favourable for the BJP and the NDA. The dates and the result day give a third time prime ministership to Modi with immense numbers." He said the second polling date, April 26, seems to be the only date undesirable for the BJP and Modi. It coincides with Modi's nakshatra or star day, which is Anuradha nakshatra. "But on that day the BJP can still win about 52 seats in 89 constituencies," said Poduval, "Looking at the placement of planets on the dates of polling and the result day it looks like the BJP can, on its own, touch a mark of 346 to 356 seats. And in my reading, the Congress will get only 29-36 seats, an all-time low in its history."

Dates don't matter as fate has already been decided, said Mumbai-based astrologer Sundeep Kochar. "Mars and Jupiter are guiding the destiny of Modi at the moment. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in his horoscope is allowing him to pursue his goals with immense success. He is bound to succeed in anything he does at the moment," said Kochar who has 24 years of experience in astrology and is the favourite astrologer of many celebs in Mumbai.

"The horoscope for June 4, 2024, or in other words 4/6/24, indicates that anybody who rules the country on that day will continue to rule. In all likelihood as per my assessment Modi will see a huge victory on June 4 and continue as the prime minister," said Kochar who had in early 2009 predicted that former prime minister Manmohan Singh would rule the country for one more term. He had also correctly predicted a second term for former US president Barack Obama. "Interestingly, the horoscopes of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have changed recently. They will make some inroads in the next few months," said Kochar.

If Modi wins and completes five years (till 2029) he will become the third longest-serving prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru (who ruled for 16 years and nine months) and Indira Gandhi (who ruled for 15 years and 11 months). For Modi to break Nehru's record, he needs to occupy the prime minister's chair till June 2031 (that is a few months before he turns 81). Is that a possibility? "It is too early for me to assess that. We need to wait for some years," said Kochar.

The BJP definitely has an upper hand in the coming elections, said astrologer K.B. Unnikrishna Panicker. "It will win the maximum number of seats in the country and Modi will rule for yet another term," said Panicker who has a word of caution for Rahul Gandhi. "He has elarai shani (presence of Saturn) in his horoscope at the moment. He is bound to go through many challenges for the next few months or even years." Panicker said not all opposition leaders have a bad time. "In Kerala, in my reading, the CPI(M) will win more seats than the Congress," he said.

According to astrologer Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad 2024 is a done deal for Modi and the BJP. "He is coming back, bigger and mightier than before," said Namboodiripad who has gone through Modi's horoscope in detail over the last so many years. "There is nothing that should worry him for now. I am yet to study in detail the horoscopes of opposition leaders," he said.

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