Dr. Punu Rooprai – Changing the outlook of the fitness industry


The most trusted naturopathic doctor whose advice has transformed many lives all across the globe. She suggests her clients avoid the dependency on artificial health supplements and incline more on the 100% homemade diet.

Eat with the purpose to serve your body with nutrition fuel it with good intentions says Dr. Punu Roooprai an entrepreneur in fitness industries for 17 years. She has helped in transforming more than 3000 people according to commit to oneself to follow the whole process. To bring a change needs need to have an internal feeling and will to do that and that’s the step towards weight loss because lazy souls don’t make history.

Dr. Punu Rooprai one of the most trusted doctors with clients worldwide, was inspired by her father Mr. Surender Shukla. Her father’s 40 years’ experience in manufacturing fitness equipment and expertise in bunnies made her choose this platform and work more hard. She started her journey when she realized that for better health we need to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet plan with the result of losing 22 Kgs. She kicks to start the body’s metabolism and when it starts increasing the body responds and start losing body fat and within 24 Hrs. one can start seeing results. On the misconception, that cleansing, detox intermittent fasting in naturopathy, Dr. Punu says that each person has a different way of working out and her diet plans are 100% healthy and consist of homemade food so they can be followed without any side effects. Her client base has a wide range from 12 years to people of 83 years with the major transformation she advises proper diet and, breastfeeding high fiber foods, healthy snacks like makhana and roasted clean for new moms to lose their pregnancy weight and asks to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. Dr. Punu Rooprai described her experience from each transformation journey by saying , “I am extremely proud of all the transformations I have done and each one is close to my heart. I get so many blessings from a child 12 year of age to people aged 83 years.”  She is thankful to all the clients who believed in her.  

Her diet routine is a balanced diet which includes dairy, carbs, proteins and all vitamins for hers out is really important as it removes all toxins from our body she says instead of focusing on how one looks we should focus on the fitness of the body as well as mental fitness should a “Health is the real wealth and not the peace of Gold and Silver” And once you are on a healthy diet regarding, the hardest thing is to stop it. If one wants something one has never had, one must be willing to do something one has never done.

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