Roll and flex for flexibility

  • Photos: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya

The thoracic spine connects the load-bearing and flexible lumbar spine, and the very flexible cervical spine. Thoracic spine is relatively inflexible compared to lumbar and cervical portions. It is one of the longest segments of the spine with 12 vertebral bones. Here is a technique to provide good mobility to the thoracic spine using the stability ball.

Sit on your heels in front of a stability ball.
Now hold the ball.
Roll it and position the abdomen on the ball with palms resting on the mat.
Keep the legs straight, arms perpendicular and trunk nearly parallel to the ground.
Gently flex the arms and move the trunk down, lifting the legs.
Rest the chin on the mat.
Lift the legs straight as upward as possible and rest the chin and the chest on the mat.
Stay for about 20-30 seconds with slow breathing.
Gently lower the legs, straighten the arms perpendicular to the floor.
Flex the knee, and sit on your heels.
Repeat and relax.

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