Twist and gain

  • Model: Manasa Upadhya

The trunk has multi-dimensional movements. It can bend forward, sideward, backward and can also twist. Sometimes, it is beneficial to combine some of these movements. Here is a simple technique to accomplish forward bending along with twisting. The exercise is beneficial for the muscles of the lower back, the abdominal organs, legs and arms.

* Keep two chairs facing each other (distance between chairs can be adjusted to suit flexibility).
* Sit upright on one of the chairs.
* Raise right leg and keep it on the chair in front.
* Stretch the right heel (toes towards the knee), pull the knee cap and tighten the thigh muscles.
* Align the right heel, knee and hip in line.
* Press the left foot on the floor.
* Gently lean forward from the hips, stretch right hand and hold the left side of the chair in front.
* While gripping the chair, lift navel and chest up.
* Do not hunch the back.
* Hold the top rib of the chair with the left hand and gently twist the trunk.
* Slowly move the left hand as far behind as possible on the top rib.
* While retaining the grip, intensify the forward bend and twist.
* Stay in the posture for 20-30 seconds with slow and deep breathing.
* Release the grip and come up.
* Fold the right leg and change side.
* Repeat and relax.

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