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  • Model: Aishwarya Raman

The neck is a very sensitive region. A host of muscles connect the neck and the shoulder complex. Given the work pattern of our times, the neck is highly prone to pain and discomfort. Here is a simple technique that provides relief from problems of the neck.

Note: Ensure that the chair is of good quality and without sharp edges that could cause injury. Persons with severe neck problems should consult their doctor before doing this.


* Keep a chair inverted, and place a blanket on the lower rib which is now on top.

* Place a pillow or a couple of blankets on the frame which is now on the floor.

* Sit upright on the pillow; be a little closer to the top frame of the chair.

* Gently recline, resting the base of the neck on the frame.

* Slowly bend the neck backward.

* Lift the chest up and extend the neck further.

* Stay for about 60 seconds with slow and deep breathing.

* Slowly come up and sit straight.

* Repeat and relax.

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