Good pressure

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Gentle compressive pressure on the abdomen helps to invigorate the abdominal organs. Further, bending back helps to stretch the abdominal region favourably. Here is a technique that combines good pressure with back bend to help this region. It benefits the back and the legs, too.

Note: Ensure that the chair has no sharp edges that could cause injury. Persons with abdominal problems should consult their doctors before doing this exercise.


* Keep a chair in inverted position and place a blanket on the lower rib which is now on top.

* Place a pillow or a couple of blankets on the frame of the chair which is on the floor.

* Kneel on the pillow with trunk closer to the top rib.

* Hold the legs of the chair and bend forward.

* Position the navel on the rib of the chair.

* Slowly straighten the legs.

* Stretch the toes back, lift the knees up and pull the knee caps.

* Tighten the gluteus muscles.

* Bend back, pressing the abdomen on the rib of the chair.

* Release the grip and stretch both hands up.

* Keeping the pressure on the navel, raise the arms and trunk as much as possible.

* Stay for about 60 seconds with slow and deep breathing.

* Slowly, flex the arms and legs.

* Repeat and relax.

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