Back bend

  • Photos: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya

Back bends generally stretch the trunk. Standing back bends in particular help all the cavities—pelvis, abdomen and chest. But, conventional procedures are not easy to adopt. However, with the help of a stability ball, these back bends could be made more effective and safe. The ball allows extension of the complete spinal column with support. When done with good breathing, the pressure of the ball provides effective massage to the para spinal muscles.

Place a couple of blankets on a chair. Ensure the chair stands on a non-skid mat.
Keep a stability ball of appropriate size on the chair against the back rest.
Stand upright in front of the chair.
Flex the knees and slowly recline on the ball.
Ensure the complete spinal column from lower back to neck is supported by the ball.
Hold the ball, move feet forward and straighten the legs.
Stretch arms straight and up over the ball.
Stay for about 30-60 seconds with slow breathing.
Slowly raise the arms, hold the ball, and get up.

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