Arm and trunk stretch


Trunk acts as the main support for the arms and the legs. A stretch along the axis of the trunk and arms helps in relieving the stiffness while rejuvenating the muscles in the arms and trunk. Here is a technique using ropes to effectively accomplish this stretch. It also helps to strengthen the shoulders, the hips, thighs and legs.

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and that the window bars are strong enough to take weight.


* Take a pair of mountaineering ropes,about a metre long.

* Knot the ropes on to the window bar or special hooks at a height of about 6 feet and about 1 ½ feet apart.

* Stand upright facing the wall and in line with the rope.

* Hold the ropes with both hands.

* Grip the ropes, flex the arms.

* Taking the load on the flexed arms, move the feet and keep them inclined against the wall.

* Keeping the legs straight, straighten the arms.

* Push the hips down and pull the knee caps.

* Stay for about 15-30 seconds.

* Pull up with the arms and come up.

* Repeat three times and relax.

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