Gas burner

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Formation of gas is a normal phenomenon in the process of digestion. However, for a variety of reasons, excess gas may be produced, which may manifest as burping, flatulence and bloating. This may lead to a lot of discomfort. Proper diet, exercise and breathing techniques help in relieving this condition. Here is a simple, natural and effective abdominal breathing technique, and a twisting posture that helps in preventing the formation of gas.

Note: This is a general advice and persons suffering from severe conditions should consult their doctors before practising these postures.


1 Sit upright on a bolster with legs folded

2 Keep your left palm on the chest and right palm on the abdomen

3 As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand all-around, from bottom to top; chest should remain as neutral as possible

4 As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

5 Palms provide a bio-feedback on the correct abdominal breathing

6 Practise this for about 3 to 5 minutes


1 Sit upright on a bolster with legs stretched

2 Fold both legs to your right side

3 Hold left knee with right hand, twist the trunk and hold the bolster with left hand

4 Stretch the trunk up and twist as much as possible

5 Breathe abdominally

6 Stretch and twist the abdominal cavity as much as possible; breathe slowly and deeply, providing a massaging effect to the abdominal organs

7 Repeat and relax


1 Practitioner has to lie with arms stretched

2 Facilitator has to stand behind with legs apart and facing the feet

3 Practitioner has to breathe abdominally

4 Facilitator has to bend down to hold the left ankle of the practitioner

5 Facilitator slowly lifts the left leg and the practitioner has to keep it straight

6 Ensure the pelvic rim remains even

7 Stay for about 20-30 seconds with slow abdominal breathing