Stretches that matter

gallery-image MODEL: FARZANEH

The muscles surrounding the veins help in pumping blood. The muscles and the valves can become weak for various reasons, resulting in blood pooling in some segments of the veins. That shows up as varicose veins. In order to prevent varicose veins, a few stretches are highly useful.

Note: A self-locking belt is used. Persons suffering from severe conditions should consult their doctors before practising these postures.


1- Lie on your back with both legs folded

2- Lock the belt to make a loop. Run the belt around the shoulder blades and the armpits

3- Stretch your right leg up; position the other end of the belt-loop on the sole of the right foot

4- Gently straighten the right leg; push the belt from the sole of the feet; adjust the length of the belt for a good stretch; pull the kneecap and tighten the quads

5- Stretch both arms straight up on the floor

6- Stay for 30 seconds, change side, repeat and relax


1- To enhance the stretch, decrease the length of the belt by one feet and repeat the procedure as above

2- Ensure that the leg is straight


1- With a suitable length of the belt, do the above posture

2- Rest both arms by the side of the trunk

3- Gently move the right leg to the right side

4- Ensure the pelvic rim does not roll

5- Keep the right leg straight with the kneecap pulled up