Free of problems


The neck has a structure like that of a slender column. It carries the weight of the head. The structure offers a lot of mobility­—bending forward, bending backward, bending sideways and rotation. A host of muscles surrounds and connects the neck to the shoulder complex. As a result of improper ergonomics, the neck is prone to stiffness and pain. Here is a simple technique to keep the neck free of problems.


1. Take a mountaineering rope

2. Ensure the rope is knotted properly and is about one metre in length

3. Knot the rope on to the window bar (or a wall hook) at a height of about six feet

4. The knot of the rope should be at the centre

5. Stand upright in front of the wall and in line with the rope

6. Hold the rope and put it around the neck; position the knot at the base of the neck

7. Move towards the wall

8. Incline the feet against the wall and slowly move yourbody backwards

9. Straighten the legs

10. Gently transfer the load on to the rope and release the arms

11. Bend back (especially the upper back and neck) and stretch the arms to the side

12. Keep both legs straight, pull both knee caps and tighten the buttocks

13. Stay for about 20 to 30 seconds

14. Flex the arms, hold the rope and slowly come up

15. Slowly walk back and release the rope

16. Relax and repeat

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and that the window bars are strong enough to take the weight.