No to rounded shoulder


Sitting for long durations in a crouched posture watching TV or using mobile phone is not uncommon these days. This results in rounded shoulders with forward head position, leading to stiffness and pain in and around the shoulder complex. There could be problems in the neck as well. Here is a simple technique to bring the shoulders to alignment.

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and the window bars are strong enough to take the weight.


1. Take a pair of mountaineering ropes

2. Ensure that the ropes are knotted properly and are of equal length (about 1m)

3. Loop the ropes equally on to the window bars or hooks at a height of about six feet; ropes about one feet apart

4. Stand upright with the back to the wall and in line with the ropes

5. Insert the arms into the ropes, such that the ropes are crossed

6. Position the ropes in a way that the knot is placed against the arm pits

7. Stretch both arms sideways

8. Take the heels up against the wall and press the toes on the floor

9. Keeping the legs straight, gently bend back

10. Pull the knee caps, tighten the buttocks, push the tail bone and bend back

11. Pull the shoulder blades down and closer

12. Keeping the arms straight, push against the rope and open the shoulders

13. Thrust the chest forward and bend the neck back

14. Stay for about 30-60 seconds

15. Slowly move back and release the ropes

16. Repeat and relax