Toughen the shoulder complex


The shoulder complex is an important structure supporting the arms. It is essential to stretch and strengthen this complex. Here is a simple technique to accomplish this, using ropes. It also helps the muscles of the arms and the trunk.


* Take a pair of mountaineering ropes

* Ensure the ropes are knotted properly and are of equal length

* Loop the ropes equally on to the window bars/hooks at a height of about six feet; ropes about one feet apart

* Stand upright with the back to the wall and in line with the ropes

* Raise the arms and hold the ropes firmly

* Move the arms and trunk close to the wall

* Straightening the arms, flex the knees and gently lower the hips

* Keep both arms straight and feel the weight

* Slowly raise both legs

* Keep both legs straight and pull both knee caps

* Stay for about 20 seconds

* Lower the legs and press the feet

* Straighten the knees, flex the arms and release the ropes

* Repeat and relax

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and the window bars are strong enough to take weight.