Caring through coding

28-Anubhav-Anand Anubhav Anand, 24, associate product manager, Ayu Health hospitals

Anubhav Anand, like most Indians, experienced the chaos of the health care system during the pandemic. “From finding the right hospital near you to dealing with paperwork, insurance claims, bills.... Doing all this while your dear one is on IV with scary looking machines beeping is a test,” he said.

Through his job, he tries to make the experience better. “I was attracted by the novelty of challenges which the company was taking on, like consistent clinical outcomes, pricing transparency and patient accessibility,” he said. “Most of the time, people just Google the nearest hospital, without knowing if it is equipped to handle the problem. Our team at Ayu Health is empowering our medical officers with an in-house tool, with which they can filter information, categorise it and recommend the nearest and the best-suited medical help.”

Anand, who works on automating large parts of the process, joined as a trainee in September 2021 and was offered a full-time role two months later. “The human body does not show concise error codes like software, so codifying it remains a challenge that we like working on,” he said. “However, our team is more than equipped to navigate this. I feel that India has moved up a rung in the pyramid of needs and is looking for seamless experiences everywhere.”