We'll not allow the case to be closed

The drawing room of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar's home in south Delhi's Adarsh Apartments has two large photographs of their daughter. Aarushi. They had shifted here in May 2009 leaving behind their house of horror in Noida, where Aarushi was murdered. "Depressed, hurt, let down and betrayed", they "are alive only to give justice"' to their daughter. Nupur told THE WEEK: "I met Aarushi's classmates two days ago at a candlelight vigil and could not stop imagining Aarushi looking as grown up as her classmates did. Her friends are all 17-year-olds now. My daughter looks like a baby in front of them."

Excerpts from an interview with the couple:

What is your plan of action now that the CBI has filed a closure report?
The CBI was asked to produce annexures and case studies corroborating the closure report in the last hearing but they haven't done that. Once we get a copy of that, we will go through all the reports and our legal team will work towards it. All that we know is that we will not allow the CBI to close the case so easily and quickly.

Were you satisfied with the CBI investigation before you came to know about the closure report?
The CBI would contact us regularly for any information they needed. We cooperated with them in a most faithful fashion and thought all this while that they would be making some progress in the case. But suddenly, out of the blue, we hear about the case being closed and, worse, they suspect us. We don't even have a problem with their suspicions because it's their job to do so. But before alleging that the father could have been the killer, they should have been 500 per cent sure.

aarushi-talwar Tragic lives: Rajesh and Nupur Talwar

The closure report alleges that you dressed up the crime scene and insisted on not going to the terrace.
The discrepancy in the statements in the closure report is shocking. The CBI themselves say in the report. "The investigating team was handicapped by the inability of the first responders to examine the scene of crime properly and collect all possible available evidences which could be available only to the first responder." Then they, based on photographs provided to them by the UP Police, make allegations against us. The house was exactly the way it was. Forget about dressing up, we were not even in the right senses to see all the bloodstains that everyone saw on the railing, staircase, etc. As far as the terrace door is concerned, we could neither think of nor remember where the keys were kept. The UP Police could have broken open the door that day itself.

The closure report alleges that you gave them the missing golf sticks later and after cleaning them.
The CBI asked us to provide them the golf sticks in October 2009. By that time, we had shifted to our new flat. So wherever and in whatever condition we found the golf sticks, we kept them together and handed them over to the CBI.

There are discrepancies In the postmortem and the closure reports.
Nothing of what is talked about the forensic examination of Aarushi's body in the closure report is mentioned in the postmortem report. We wonder why didn't the doctor say anything to the first team, the UP Police, or us. Suddenly, he says all that is not mentioned in the postmortem report to the second team of the CBI. There are discrepancies even between the injuries mentioned in the postmortem and closure reports. How do we trust this report on anything?

Has your profession (as dentists) been affected by the allegations?
Our patients are coming back to us with all the support and care. They keep calling us, send us SMSes and flowers. Our friends, Aarushi's friends are all with us and have become our pillar of support. The CBI, because it could not find the culprits, thought it was very convenient to endorse the UP Police's theories. By doing this, they have condemned us for life, something we can never pardon them for.

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