Modi “shoots” a tiger, Twitterati amused

While the nation fretted over anchor Arnab Goswami's resignation from Times Now, a photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doing its rounds on Twitter. In the photo, he is seen standing close to a caged tiger. With a DSLR in his hand, he seemed to be taking photographs of it.

On November 1, which was Chhattisgarh Foundation Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Naya Raipur for the day. As part of his visit, he inaugurated the Nandanvan Zoo, which reportedly is one of Asia's biggest jungle safaris.

Modi, who is often seen taking selfies, this time decided to turn the lens away from him.

What seemed like a banal PR photo—of Modi trying his hand at photography—quickly went viral on Twitter.

Trolls came out in droves to poke fun and draw out comparisons between former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Modi.

One Twitterer pointed out a flaw in this photo.

Besides trolls, a lot of his fans lauded him, saying that the photo had “two tigers in one frame”. Some even called him a 'lion', trying to face off with a tiger.

According to Kamal R Khan, a few national news channels went so far as to say that the tiger “recognised” Modi and posed for him.

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