Here’s why employers ignore your resume

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Tired of sending your resume everywhere and not getting a response? Well, here are some common mistakes people make while making their resumes.

The email address is a very important component of your resume because that is how you stay in contact with the employers. Hotmail or AOL are outdated, update your address to Gmail. It is important for you to use a widely used email address, as it shows you are well aware of the latest trends.

Linkedin Profile should be updated and the profile picture should not be very casual, or too formal. It should be an appropriately sized head shot while looking straight into the camera so that your whole face shows.

It is important to have a single social media account and manage it, rather than having multiple accounts and not being active, especially, if you are applying for positions involving digital mediums.

While recruiting, recruiters might go through your Facebook accounts and having a shirtless photo in your public-facing profile may question your maturity.

Do not apply for multiple positions within the same company. You can always seek assistance from the human resource department about the position that suits you interest and skills.

The format of your resume is one of the most important, as many people make the mistake of sending it in the Word Doc format. Sending your resume in PDF gives out a professional impression and ensures that employers see your resume as you want them to.

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