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Wacky uses of drones

Drivers stuck in traffic block in Mexico City lately had to put up with something more pestering than the traffic snarl—drones buzzing over their wind shields, dangling posters advertising UberPOOL. Frustrating it may seem, it is, however, a rather innovative way to put these unmanned flying machines to use. Though there is a regulation on the commercial use of drones in India, these unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly becoming a regular appearance at weddings with flying camera drones hovering over your heads to catch the best shot. Employed for military uses by developed nations, drones are often perceived as killing machines. But, people are exploring funny, innovative ways of putting these flying machines to use:

1. Flying sushi


At a London restaurant, food is delivered directly to your plate by a drone. YO! Sushi, a sushi food chain, was already in news for delivering food on conveyor belts in the restaurant. When they launched a new range of rice burgers, they wanted to try an innovative delivery technique. And so, came the flying tray dubbed iTray. The drone, equipped with a flat top for placing plates, is fitted with four propellers and two cameras to find its way from the kitchen to a hungry customer. The device is controlled by a waiter with an iPad, and the drone flies back to the kitchen after the plates have been retrieved by the customer.

2. Halloween pranks


Flying a plate of sushi is an appetising idea, but that's not the case with a skeleton drone. In a terrifyingly brilliant idea, a Wisconsin man was recently found flying a dementor-like figure via a drone, just in time to up the Halloween mood. People around Southern Wisconsin freaked out when they say a flying skeletal figure, cloaked in black, with a chilling similarity to dementors from Harry Potter. Some even worried if it was a real person hanging from the drone.

3. Tooth extractor

Whoa! Now that's what we call wacky. Losing your first milk tooth is a special occasion for a child. And five-year-old Ariana Schreiner's dad just went forward and made it the most memorable, and unique—he used a drone to pull out her tooth. He tied a thread to her wobbly incisor, tied it to the drone and had it pulled out in a special aerial 'mission'. The family from Oregon even proudly posted a video of the whole 'operation' on YouTube. The clip starts off with Ariana showing off her shaky tooth to the camera. She is then seen with a thin length of thread coming out of her mouth while her dad gets ready to fly the drone. And woosh, it was gone.

4. Laundry delivery


A laundry shop in Philadelphia figured the easiest and fastest way to customer satisfaction was getting a drone to deliver freshly-washed clothes at customers' doorsteps. They used a Phantom quadracopter to get clothes delivered quickly, without having to go through the hassle of traffic or crowded streets. Though this drone is able to carry only a few pounds, the laundry owner plans to get an advanced drone that can carry up to 10 pounds over a longer distance.

5. Drone racing:


This feels much like the flying spaceships in sci-fi, minus the eerie aliens. Drone racing where the racers fly drones is done by live streaming footage from a camera mounted on the drone. The live camera feed is transmitted via radio waves to goggles worn by the pilot who fiddles with the joystick to steer these drones through the air. Drone racing which began as amateur sport in Australia in 2014 has developed into a popular sport with drone racing championships and the drone racing league. 

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