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Putting up a vision board helps you to set your sights clearly on your goals and also motivate you to work towards it every day

One possible way to answer the question 'How to achieve your life goal', would be to have 'Vision Boards'. For those who are wondering what a vision board is, it is a board that carries all your dreams and goals—your dream home, car, job, holiday destination, and what not. It could be anything and everything that you have always wished for.

The trick of putting it all up on a board on the wall in the form of pictures, helps you to set your sights clearly on your goals and also motivate you to work towards it every day. Recommended by many motivational speakers, Vision Boards works on your mind in a scientific way, and should not looked at as just another wall hanging. I had created one years ago, and have fulfilled many of the goals listed on the board. Though I am not sure whether it was because of the vision board, I would like to believe so.

Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne, in her book The Secret, says, “When you are visualising, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe. The law of attraction will take hold of that powerful signal and return those pictures back to you, just as you saw them in your mind.” The theory behind the board is somewhat similar.
When you are focused on something, the brain realises your desire and directs your body to work towards achieving it.

The motivator to keep you on track

Not only is a vision board a reminder of your goals, but it also acts as a motivator if you fail to accomplish any of your goals. Remember, creating a vision board cannot get you everything in life—it is not a magic wand. It helps you to visualise your goals and stay focused on it. You should, however, be careful with what you put up on the vision board. Most importantly, avoid negative quotes or pictures as you should not fill your brain with unpleasant thoughts.

What can be pinned

Putting all your thoughts on the board helps to clear the clutter and prioritise the goals. Anything and everything from 'peace' to your 'profession' could be pinned. Preferably, pictures, rather than quotes or words, should be pinned since your brain will find it easier to realise your desires through pictures. And since it is your vision board, why not include a picture of you smiling!

How to make a board for yourself

Vision board is the last thing you should purchase from an outside store or online sites. Even if you are creatively challenged, you should design your own board. You could create one with a simple chart paper. Stick it on a solid frame so that the paper would not come off easily. Collect colourful pictures from magazines, printouts or even photographs, which would suit your goals and pin it or use glue to stick it on the paper. Also, write down your favourite quotes or words, which could make you feel good and motivated. Keep the board simple yet attractive; strictly avoid clutter. A wooden framework (optional) for your board would be the icing on the cake.

Also, the board should be positioned in such a way that your eyes should fall on it at least twice a day. It can on be the wall facing your bed, so that you can see the board when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

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