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Trends to watch out for in 2017


Fashion designer Gautam Gupta talks to THE WEEK about trends that will help you dress to impress in 2017. Ring in the new year by loading your closet keeping these style tips in mind:


The trends that will stay in 2017 are the statement sleeves trend, the comfort pants, abstract layering of various styles to create an all together new look, pleated garments which appeared in late 2016 and pom poms.

Some specific Indian trends such as kurta-skirts, velvets and brocade are the must-haves of the year.

Denims are a major trend, be it skirts, pants, jackets or dress; all will be seen along with statement styling, high waists, appliques, patches and pins.

Slogan tees and political tees will be a huge thing this year. They can be interestingly styled along with Indian wear, too.

Don't give a cold shoulder to athletic-inspired clothing, backless shoes and stripes.

80's will be the biggest fashion trend of 2017. The industry will see a lot of power shoulders, slouchy trousers, ruffles and flares, active wear, high waists and denims.

Colours and prints

As per Pantone, green is the colour of the year for 2017. Other major colour trend will be pink in all shades.

Khaki will be the new neutral. Other than that, make sure your wardrobe has shades as vivid and bright as corel, scarlet and yellow to beautiful subdued shades of blue, yellow, pink and hazel. Military green will stay in 2017.

As for prints, a lot of stripes, also art references and prints inspired from artistic work, will be seen.

Steal the look from designer's collection

Thinking of picking up something from my collection, Gupta asks. Go for our brocade full collar floor length anarkalis with silk skirts, a turquoise skirt that we have along with a blouse with statement in-seam-slit sleeve embroidered with golden threads and, of course, our beautiful handwoven traditional saris.

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