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Whether you are planning to lose weight or want to cleanse your body, consuming detox juices is the best way to stay healthy and build a stronger immune system.

Who doesn't want to look good or burn that flab? Why think mundane and resort to crazy diets and long hours of starvation when you can achieve weight loss by drinking a healthy glass full of nutrients. Detox juices are a powerhouse of nutrients. They help in cleaning the body and flushing out toxins from the body. They are one of the easiest ways to fight bloating and remove excess water from the body.

Dr Kiran Sawhney, Diet and Fitness Consultant, Fitnesolution says, “Detox juices are one of the best ways to cure water retention. They are fibrous juices that help in resting your stomach, repairing the gut and liver, reducing the appetite and eliminating the harmful food deposited in the intestines. They also pump up the metabolic rate and restore cells in the body, which makes them the most tasty and nutritious drinks to consume.”

People who have a sedentary lifestyle have a tendency to skip their meals or eat irregularly. Neither do they exercise and nor watch their eating habits and end up consuming junk food, carbohydrates and carbonated drink. All these habits add flab to their bellies. Detox juices help in cutting carbohydrates from the body, increases metabolism and removing toxics from the system. Fitness Therapist Dr Neeraj Mehta, suggests, “People who consume unhealthy food must detoxify their bodies regularly as they have the tendency to retain fat and harmful substances that add bulk to the belly. Detox juices help in cleaning the liver and kidney. They prevent bloating and reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure.”

Some detox juices to try:

  1. Water retention can be cured by mixing the juice of bottle gourd and cucumber.

  2. Blending juice of apple, broccoli, ginger and parsley helps in getting rid of waste, restoring cells and promotes weight loss.

  3. All berries have the properties of cleansing the body. Blend raspberry, blueberry and strawberry and drink its juice.

  4. Apple, strawberry and celery juice help in burning calories. These three ingredients have the property of negative calorie food. They burn calories.

  5. Cucumber and mint juice helps in churning out toxins.

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