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Want to exercise at work without getting up from your desk? Researchers have revealed that using a portable pedaling device during work hours can keep you fit.

Lucas Carr of the University of Iowa discovered that by providing workers with a portable pedaling device under their desks, people who were once sitting all day were now moving without getting up.

The study also found that workers who pedaled more were more likely to report weight loss, improved concentration while at work, and fewer sick days than co-workers who pedaled less.

Carr said that providing an employee with an option to be active right at their desk might be an effective way to improve the health of employees who were reluctant to exercise and could possibly reduce health care costs for employers.

The study conducted on 27 employees had an activeLife Trainer pedal device placed under their desk. An activity monitor connected to the pedaling devices tracked each participant’s daily pedal time, which averaged 50 minutes a day over 16 weeks.

At the end of the study, 70 per cent of participants chose to keep their pedaling device, which was an unexpected response that gave Carr hope.

Carr said that they were really looking to identify sustainable solutions and how they can help people engage in healthy behaviors that can be sustained over the long term.

The study is published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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