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Megu offers express lunch at Rs 2500

Obento-at-egu Obento lunch at Megu

Megu, the Indian outlet of the trendy New York restaurant, at the Leela Palace, New Delhi, has rolled out an irresistible offer this autumn. Perceived as one of the most expensive, fine dining restaurants in the country—with a minimalist dinner spread costing as much as Rs8,000 for a couple—Megu's new Obento lunch is aimed at attracting corporates and young foodies.

Priced at just Rs2,500, the Obento box offers a medley of handcrafted oriental delights. “Our aim is not only to introduce India’s premier Japanese restaurant to a wider audience, but also make it possible for everyone to experience the capital’s most stunning Japanese restaurant design combined with an extraordinary lunch experience within your expected spending budget,” says Louis Sailer, General Manager at The Leela Palace, New Delhi

The sumptuous spread—three kinds of sashimi, one grilled item and a maincourse—is delivered at an express speed of just 8 minutes. So if you have got a lunch meeting or a quick date, this might be one of your best options to dine in. The Obento lunch starts with a delicious miso soup followed by your choice of sashimi. The vegetarians need not lose heart. Even if you are not a big fan of aubergine, the lightly batter-fried miso aubergine at Megu is a must-try. The grilled shiitake mushrooms are too tempting to skip, so is the crispy fried tofu. The star dishes on menu are pork ribs and sticky rice, served with a heavenly oriental curry. The only missing element in this elaborate Japanese fare is some chilled sake. But since its lunch time, you could just probably do with some clean, crisp green tea.

The Obento box brings together the best of Megu at almost one-fourth the price. So if you have been waiting for that really special occasion to blow some bucks on a gourmet meal, here is the deal.

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