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The new ingredient called cauliflower rice

biryani-1 Cauliflower rice biryani | via Pinterest

Can you image a biryani without rice? Cauliflower rice makes it possible. Well, almost

If you are looking for an easy, yet delicious, alternative to carbohydrates in your diet, then look no further than the humble cauliflower. Last year, the world was introduced to what is now popularly known as cauliflower rice.

Don't be confused by the name. It is not cauliflower mixed with rice, but the vegetable brought down to the texture and consistency of cooked rice. Interestingly, it tastes somewhat like rice, too. Also, 100 gms of cauliflower has only 25 calories, and coming from the family of cruciferous vegetables, which includes cabbage and broccoli, it is fine to eat it raw, although boiling or steaming it can make it fluffy, tasting more like cooked rice. Perhaps, that explains its increasing popularity with raw food enthusiasts and those following a strict diet plan.

All you need a food processor or a grater to bring down cauliflower florets to a fine rice-like consistency. You could then either microwave, steam, boil, pan-fry, roast to achieve the texture and taste of your liking. You can even have it raw. While you can easily find many recipes involving cauliflower rice, such as vegetarian steaks to mashed potatoes to biryanis, we'll tell you simplest ways to have it:

If raw food is not your thing, then try microwaved cauliflower rice. It is the easiest and the healthiest way to have it. Put cauliflower rice is a microwave safe bowl, cover it with cling film and microwave it on high for less than five minutes. You could also steam cook it for similar texture and taste. Serve microwaved cauliflower rice with curry or gravy. This is as close as you can get to steamed rice. If you prefer fried-rice over regular rice, then you just have to stir fry cauliflower rice with finely chopped vegetables in oil. You could use same set of condiments and sauces you use for your homemade rice, but in lesser quantities. Why? Because unlike rice, cauliflower is low on carbohydrates—most of it is fibre—making it relatively less flavourful than rice. Similarly, you can make biryani by using cauliflower rice instead of regular rice.

If you are not trying to achieve rice-like taste and are willing to accept cauliflower rice as yet another main course dish, then you must try roasted cauliflower rice that can be easily improvised for intensified flavours.

Cauliflower rice is easy to store, too. After grinding the cauliflower into rice-like bits, you can refrigerate it for two days or keep it in the freezer for over a month.

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