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Hyderabad cops rope in celebrity to tell people 'don't drink and drive'

IND0129A A counselling session is held for people caught for driving under the influence

The Hyderabad police have began a serious crackdown on drunken driving, forcing the partygoers hail cabs to avoid cops who are awaiting them with breath analysers.

However, some revelers risk being caught by the cops. They are then asked to leave their vehicles with the police and take other means of transport to reach their homes. The next day, they are to report to the police station and the vehicles are given to them after a counselling session.

Participants of one such session at Goshamahal Traffic Training Institute had a surprise visitor – actor-turned-politician Babu Mohan. Mohan, whose eldest son Pavan Kumar died in a road accident on October 13, 2003, broke down while speaking to the people at the programme.

He asked the participants not to drive when inebriated and think about their family members while venturing out with their vehicles when drunk. “There is no place where I am not recognised or appreciated. I have got money, fame and a successful career in politics. I help the poor and needy and have helped educate hundreds of children. If you consider all this, I should be a very happy person. But no, I weep frequently and that is only because of one incident,” he said.

“For years, we lived in darkness as we did not feel like switching on lights or keeping the doors open. Only recently, after my granddaughter was born, we have been trying to lead a normal life,” he said.

“At least my son died while avoiding hitting a girl. He was neither drunk nor overspeeding. Just imagine, if any of you die or kill someone while driving under the influence of alcohol. Your friends and family members will be ashamed of you,” he said, urging people to refrain from drunken driving.

Hyderabad Traffic Police hope that influential people like Mohan help them convey the message about the need to stay sober behind the wheels to the people. They are considering making such sessions a regular affair. Another plan devised by the cops is automatic suspension of driving licenses of people convicted of drunken driving.

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