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Fitness tips for desk workers


Are you one of those couch potatoes who keep dreaming of getting fit and healthy, but all you end up doing is relaxing on a chair? Here are some easy and fun exercises you can do at your desk.

Sit straight at the end of the chair. Keep your spine as erect as possible and shoulders relaxed. Your feet and knee should be in line, with your feet hip distance apart. Rotate your eyes anti clockwise ten times. Do it slowly, without shaking your head. Now do the eye rotations clockwise ten times. Once you are done, relax, close your eyes and sit still for sometime.

Move on to the neck. Keep your shoulders down. Breathe in and take your head back without straining your neck . Now breathe out and take your head forward and try to touch your chin to the sternum bone. Do as much as you can. Now do side to side rotations elongating the sides of your neck. Breathe in and look to your left over your shoulder. Do not drop the chin down while doing this. Now look to your right, over your shoulder. These are simple exercises that work wonders for people who are on desk bound jobs.
Rotate your shoulders. Pull them forward and then up to your ears. Pull them back and down slowly .This works the upper back, which is neglected most of the time. If your upper back is not strong, you tend to hunch.

Lift your arms up above your head . While doing this, pull your shoulders down. Keep stretching your arms up. Take your triceps muscles up and pull your naval in to avoid over aching your back and work your arms and upper back.


Sit at the back of the chair and set your feet wide apart. Now slowly bend over and hold onto the legs of the chair. This lengthens the spine forward. Do this when you are tired or stressed. It relieves stress and improves blood flow to the brain.

Now move into twisting. Breathe in, take support of the handle of the chair and turn to your right. Concentrate on turning your shoulders and not just the neck. Keep your spine straight and hold the posture for a few seconds, breathe out and come back to the centre. Twist your body to your left side the same way.

Twisting is healthy. It massages your internal organs, improves blood supply to the liver and spleen and helps with digestion.
To strengthen the knee, sit upright on the chair and bend your knee and hold the leg under the knee. Now pull your lower leg up and stretch your leg while keeping the back straigtht . This works right above your knees and protects them from injuries.

Remember keeping the spine erect is the key to avoid many injuries. It also improves your posture and confidence.

Courtesy: Dr Arwa Hussain, nutritionist, yoga trainer and energy healer

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