Fitness beyond weighty issues


Losing weight could be the only new year resolution that remains unchanged year after year. But there is more to fitness than your weighty issues

Active is alive. That's how fitness is defined these days. No matter how true you remain to yourself, the love for food can make you take nasty decisions that consequently add bulk to your body. However, it is no longer about your weight but how active your body is to pursue things. Your weight does play a major role in keeping you active but an individual with a lean body may not be considered fit if he feels lethargic, inactive and inattentive.

There are several ways by which you can stay fit and healthy. Practising a good lifestyle is one of them. It is important to watch out what you eat and stick to a balanced diet. Keep a check on your eating habits and your sleep cycle. Researchers agree that sleep cycle, besides other things, plays a pivotal role in keeping you active and prepares you well for the next day. It negates lethargy and improves your brain function by making you concentrate in a better way.

Make fruits and vegetables a part of your lifestyle. They provide vital nutrients to the body and strengthens the immune system to fight diseases. You can also rely on cold-pressed juices that contribute in aiding digestion, strengthening the immune system, alkalising the body and fighting inflammation. They are much nutritious as compared to the traditional packaged juices, which may contain added flavours. Besides promoting weight loss, cold-pressed juices leave the skin naturally glowing and do not come with any side effects.

Anuj Rakyan, CEO and founder, RAW Pressery, says, “It’s an absolute no brainer that juices made at home or at your local juice shop are way healthier than the sugar-dosed pasteurised varieties. But what makes cold-pressed juices a superior alternative are the benefits derived from their consumption. From glowing skin to a clearer mind, cold-pressed juices are the most natural and quickest way to increase our daily intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Nutrition from cold-pressed juices versus traditional packaged juice is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This allows today’s millennials to add more fruit and vegetable into their diets without worrying about any side effects.”

Exercising also helps to stay active. Make 30-minute workout an essential part of your daily routine. It is not a herculean task. Try Zumba, rope skipping, climbing stairs or just walking to regain a fit and an active body. However, experts feel that body weight training is also essential. Push ups, sit ups as well as chin ups are some of the exercises that you can incorporate in your daily workout regimen. So, you no longer need to hit the gym to pump up your heartbeat and burn calories to stay fit.

Agrees fitness therapist Dr Neeraj Mehta, “There are four pillars that constitute fitness– regular exercise, proper rest, right nutrition and positive thinking. Activeness is much more necessary to stay fit. Though it is important to eat healthy, but ignoring exercise no way contributes in achieving fitness. Lack of exercise affects our BMR drastically. Low BMR impacts our energy levels. A regular exercise regimen pumps up our heart rate and keeps us positive. However, fitness is incomplete if you do not combine cardio-vascular exercises and body weight training.”

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