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Fashion tips for 2017

kavita-bhartia Designer Kavita Bhartia at a fashion show | via Facebook

There are very few fashion designers who amalgamate traditional Indian craftsmanship techniques with innovative western silhouettes to create a distinctive look. Kavita Bhartia, the face behind Ogaan, knows it well and is skilled in the art of perfectly showcasing the riches and traditions of Indian couture. The Week got in conversation with her and she unravelled some of the upcoming trends that will be a hot seller in the year 2017. Excerpts...

How will 2017 turn out to be for the fashion industry?

The year 2016 was great until demonetisation. After November, sales have been affected. But on a positive note, expecting 2017 to be fantastic.

Which trends from 2016 will take a leap in the forthcoming year?

Tiers, ruffles, lacey look, romantic silhouettes, subtle floral prints, metallics and capes are some of the trends.

What, according to you, are the must-haves in one's wardrobe?

A black draped dress and skirt, capes to throw over anything and for winter, a beautiful shawl.

Tell us about some of the yesteryear hot-picks that will make a comeback this year.

Both old romantic and disco look have come back, wide pants and shararas are also going to be in trend.

Which colours and prints will be in vogue in the new year?

Dry floral prints and beautiful hue of pastel tones such as blush pink, sage, ivory, powder blue, etc.

Please share your fashion tips for today's women.

My advice would be that one should wear a dress for comfort and not get caught up in too many trendy silhouettes which you can’t carry with confidence.

Three must-haves from your collection will be...

The three must-haves would be a hand-printed jacket with thread embroidered panelled skirt, a hand embroidered gilet-handkerchief hem skirt and a resham embroidered gilet-ombre draped dress.

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