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Interior designer Raseel Gujral Ansal shares tips to transform your home this festive season

Festive season has just started. How can one introduce innovative changes while redoing their home?

Festivities and celebration call for a splash of colour. Unique colour palettes and tasteful furniture can brighten up any home. Adding a splash of pop colours and a few bold elements can make your home ready for the festivities. Muted pastels in furniture can be brightened up with bejewelled photo frames, pop colour candles, side tables and statement accessories adding a touch of elegance to any home. Using bold elements like digitally printed side tables, bright cushions, quirky lamp shades and colourful crockery will add a whole new persona to your home, remember to add a touch of colour to every room to brighten your home. Using accessories with an ethnic feel is a nice way to add festive zing. Mirrors, diyas, wall hangings, artifacts, anything with an antique or ethnic feel would be apt.

Which home trends are making a wave in 2016?
The festive season is a good time to brighten up the interiors of ones home. Though beige and grey colour schemes have been a favourite in edgy urban dwellings for some time now, current interior decor trends point to a strong bias towards bright spaces with stunning and bold pieces. Yellow-green shades set against grey backgrounds have become an acceptable as well as safe combination for accessories. You can spice things up further by introducing textural contrast in accent pieces.

Share some easy ways that can add quirk to a small living room
Opt for vibrant candles in different shapes and sizes in a few corners of the house. This not only adds colour to your space but when lit can create a warm and comfortable ambience. Incorporate interesting prints and designs to basic items like utility boxes, trays and dustbins and lamps. Fresh flowers and the fragrance of lavender is a great way to freshen up the home.

How has vintage furniture made a glorious comeback and how can it be used to spruce up the interiors?
The beauty of vintage furniture lies in its details. It is painstakingly crafted and represents a specific time in history. Vintage fused with bold and striking prints is something that blends the present with history. Such pieces add character to the space and give a visual definition to it. So adding any one such statement furniture piece can break the monotony of the space and brighten it.


Please share some ideas that can be used by everyone.
It is important that a space expresses itself and the user. For example while doing up your walls, you can either go for a wallpaper whether bold or subtle, or you can choose to supplement it with wall accessories, which adds a personal touch to your décor. Show plates with quirky prints are a great way for one to add an artistic touch to the living place.

What according to you is an ideal way to revamp a home?
Wallpapers with coordinated textiles and show plates is the best way to revamp up your home during the festivities. The aesthetics in wallpapers have evolved from an occidental vocabulary to elaborate storyboard wallpapers that act as a medium to tell a story and lend a character to the space in question. The right wallpaper can work magic in an otherwise dull and monotonous room. Do not hesitate in using strong graphic prints and colours to emote the soul of the space. It’s very important to be your own and showcase your own sensibility, especially in a personal space. Transcending the spring blossoms, bright summer days, the seasonal monsoon grays and into the fast approaching winter shade, pop bright hues in furniture and soft accents are the perfect energisers to every mood.

Subtle pastels can add drama and colour to a niche void in the lifestyle space. From orange sunsets and Mediterranean blues to the verdant palms and striking pink flamingoes, each shade conveys an emotion as rich as the décor it is set in. The festive season is the best time experiment with home decor, don't be afraid to add bold elements and textures to your home.

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