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Tips to ensure safety while using your cellphone


People nowadays tend to carry their cellphones nearly everywhere—bathrooms, dressing rooms, meetings and family dinners. This has not only increased our addiction to cellphones, but decreased our attention spans and reduced the number of inter-personal conversations we have.

Unfortunately, cellphone usage proved to be fatal for a teenager recently. A teenage girl from Texas died yesterday after she tried to retrieve her phone that fell into the bathtub. The device was charging when it fell into the tub and it was discovered later that she had burn mark on her hand— the hand which she might have used for retrieving her phone from the water.

Here are certain rules to remember to ensure your safety while using cellphones.

Do not use your cellphone if the signal is weak: Cellphones work the hardest when trying to get connectivity. The radiation emitted increases immensely when the signal is low. Therefore, avoid using your cellphone in closed spaces like elevators, metro compartments or places with low cellphone coverage like underground parking areas.

Do not watch movies on the go: Going on a long journey and want to watch a movie on the way? Download it beforehand and watch the film while on flight mode. Streaming while travelling could increase radiation emissions. It could create radiation hotspots, especially if travelling in cars and trains which tend to have metal bodies.

Do not use your cellphone in the bathroom: It may be tempting to listen to music or your favourite podcast while in the shower. But, there are chances of your phone coming in contact with water in the bathroom. You could drop it in the bath tub, the bucket or in the toilet bowl. Not only could contact with water damage your phone, it could also electrocute you, especially if it is charging.

Do not use while it is charging or plugged in: Sometimes, your cellphone battery dies just when you have begun to talk to a childhood friend after a long time. It could tempt you to talk to him or her while charging your phone. But this could be deadly. When you are using your phone while charging it, it puts pressure on the motherboard and the battery. The battery tends to expand due to the heat. And this could cause the phone to explode harming you along the way.

Do not keep the phone close to you while sleeping: Most of us have conveniently replaced alarm clocks with cellphones. As a result we tend to keep it on our night-stand while sleeping. However, avoid doing this, as wireless radiation may hamper your sleep. You can use the alarm function of your phone even if it is kept on flight mode. Or even better, try getting an exclusive alarm clock.

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