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Otonomaki—the latest relaxation trend of getting wrapped up in a blanket


Tired of meditation or colouring books to relax yourself? If these have failed to calm you down, how about picking up the hottest new Japanese relaxation trend? For this, you would have to get a friend to wrap you up tightly in a cloth blanket. Otonamaki, which literally translates to 'adult wrapping' is the new trend in Japan, to alleviate stress, posture issues and body stiffness. 

Otonomaki involves wrapping yourself in a white breathable cloth, siting still in a therapeutic posture, holding it for 15-20 minutes. Once you have comfortably positioned in the blanket, you would look like a cocoon, or like a demon waiting to burst out of its space, or even, interestingly, like a Chinese wonton. Otonomaki is said to be derived from yet another interesting traditional Japanese practice—Ohinamki—which involves wrapping up babies in a muslin cloth to help with their physical development.

So, how does wrapping yourself up in a cloth help? Otonomaki essentially mimics the comfort and curled-up posture of a baby in its mother's womb. It also creates a sense of security, Practitioners of this technique believe that this particular posture improves flexibility of the spine and relieves neck and lower back aches. Though it is not a widespread practice in Japan, it has aroused interest after the process was featured on Japanese television. Those who have tried it say they felt relaxed and sleepy, too. So, wanna try Otonomaki?

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