Bubble nails: the next big trend?


A controversial trend in the nail industry has finally bubbled up to the surface, and it is dividing opinion.

'Bubble nails' first appeared in the US a few years ago, but they have been getting serious Instagram attention in the last few weeks. Also referred to as "hump nails" (if they boast an elongated tip), the trend involves sculpting acrylic gel onto the nail to create a dome shape which is then filed down to create a short, square and very arched shape.

Typically, the bubbles (or humps) are painted in bright bubblegum colors and adorned with glitter, shimmer or, in some cases, fake pearls and gems.

One of the most prominent advocators of the trend on social media is Texas-based salon Nails By Ann, which regularly shows off its innovative decorative techniques for bubble nails. Bows, studs and plastic flowers are all added to the already weighty-looking extensions.

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