Deakin University Honors Prof Mukti Kanta Mishra with Prestigious Honorary Doctorate


Melbourne, Australia - February 13, 2024

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to education, skill development, and social entrepreneurship in India, Deakin University proudly awarded President Prof Mukti Kanta Mishra with an Honorary Doctorate. This esteemed accolade highlights Prof Mishra's remarkable leadership at Centurion University and his pivotal role in fostering collaboration with Australian institutions for the past fifteen years.

The conferred Honorary PhD is a testament to Prof Mishra's steadfast commitment to advancing education and skill development, showcased through his visionary leadership at Centurion University and the establishment of the Gram Tarang social enterprise group.

Prof Mishra's dedication to forging partnerships between Indian and Australian institutions has significantly enhanced educational opportunities and cultural exchange between the two nations.


His groundbreaking initiatives in skill development, particularly through the Centurion network of universities, schools, and colleges, have garnered recognition from esteemed organizations such as Niti Aayog and the World Bank. Prof Mishra's innovative approach to education and social entrepreneurship is evident in successfully establishing Centurion University in remote rural areas against all odds.

Furthermore, Prof Mishra's involvement in initiatives like SEDA India underscores his commitment to sports development and community empowerment, further strengthening ties between Australia and India.

Beyond his impactful work in education and skill development, Prof Mukti Kanta Mishra's leadership has brought transformative change to various communities, including the lasting impact on the Wadeye Community in Australia.

During the ceremony, Prof Mishra emphasized the importance of sustainability and collective action in addressing global challenges. He highlighted the need for collaboration and innovation to build a more resilient and equitable world for future generations.

Prof Iain Martin, in his Convocation speech, commended Prof Mukti Mishra's commitment to international collaborations, citing his dedication to building ties for knowledge sharing, skill training, and higher education between Australia and India over more than two decades. Prof Martin hailed Prof Mishra's work among some of the most disadvantaged communities as a stellar example for all.

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