I take motivation from my personal experiences, says Md. Nasir, the trading educator


What is the image that flashes into your mind when you hear the words "source of motivation"? While different people have unusual motivators, a handful of people, like Md. Nasir considers themselves their biggest source of inspiration. Is there anything wrong with this? Well, no, because learning from oneself is not everyone's cup of tea.

Mohamad Nasir Ansari (whom you might know as Md. Nasir) is a trading educator for whom meeting success was like crossing a river full of crocodiles. Here's what Nasir says: "Committing mistakes, meeting failure, and learning from these mistakes becomes a cycle. Each time I analyse my journey or experiences, I understand how much I've grown. This is what I embrace and take inspiration from; my journey."

Md. Nasir further says, "If I have to describe myself in one line, then I consider myself my motivation. I believe I've got ferocious fire gushing in me all the time. I may be a source of motivation for many other people, but that list also includes myself.

"Every time I thought, "no more losses now," I didn't know it was just the tip of the iceberg. But no matter what, giving up was never on my to-do list," said Md. Nasir. Besides himself, this guy wanted to achieve everything for his parents. "They inspire me to not give up and everything I'm trying to accomplish; all of this success is solely for them," Md. Nasir concluded.

Md. Nasir has been a professional trade educator since 2015. He has trained traders in different major financial markets across the nation. As far as his achievements are concerned, Md. Nasir has trained more than a thousand people, earned a remarkable profit in the stock market, and, of course, who can forget his strenuous journey? Despite all the lows, Md. Nasir still continues to guide his students and himself with a positive attitude and fresh energy every time.

Do you too want to learn about trading from this very experienced trader and optimistic human? Well, then we must tell you about Md. Nasir's Baap of Chart .Through this YouTube channel, the trading educator reaches thousands of people and guides them through the words of his experiences.

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