How to Write a Perfect Essay in English

These tips will make you a better essay writer

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No matter which discipline you have chosen to study, no matter what career you dream about, you will anyway have to face the necessity to deal with essay writing in high-school, college, and even university. Even if you want to receive a degree as an IT-specialist, you still have to know how to write essays. For someone, writing a good essay would be enough, but if you are interested in reaching to the stars, consider following these tips from expert writers working for our partner — a paper writing, - one of websites which write essays for students.

Read more than you write. We mean it.

You cannot start writing perfect essays in English if you don’t read enough in English. It doesn’t matter whether you are an ENL or ESL student; you need to read. We know that you have heard it before, and as we are not sure that you decided to follow the advice, we have prepared some proof for this statement.

  • When reading, you improve grammar and style. Yes, it is not like every book makes me much better in spelling and grammar constructions immediately, but after reading a particular amount of books and essays, you feel much more confident in your writing.

  • When reading, you get invaluable ideas. Many students complain that they lack creative ideas when writing essays, and it often costs them a good mark. Reading different books is very helpful in terms of ideas. Borrowing some twists, phrases, ideas from books is not prohibited, it is called inspiration.

  • When reading, you get to know more facts. Sounds rather obvious, but you should look at this from another angle. Normally, lots of time is spent on research, and it is rather annoying. Books help you with facts and references, especially if, from time to time, you bother to make notes and mention the sources in them.

There are many more reasons for using reading to improve your writing, but we believe these top-3 are enough.

ACTUALLY learn from your mistakes

Students often say that criticism from professors is very painful, and if the comments to their essays don’t need to be “processed” further, they just don’t read them. Again, because it is painful, it is very important to overcome this desire to hide from adjustments and criticism and actually analyze it. This way, you will be able to trace the most common mistakes and work on them. It feels like we make a variety of mistakes, but we just keep repeating them from one task to another, without much improvement. If we face the corrections made by the professors, we will be able to improve significantly in a very short time.

Essay writing is impossible without mistakes. Even the best writers had and have editors, and editors, in their turn, hire correctors, who actually do the final polishing. You should not feel discouraged about making mistakes. You should just investigate those mistakes without taking corrections personally. It is not an easy task, but we didn’t promise to give only easy-to-do tips.

Use online services for help

First of all, pay attention to the services which help with proofreading. Grammar is important, and every paper should be neat in that sense. Even if you do in-depth research and find perfect arguments, but forget to proofread your essay, everything will just go to garbage. That is why it is so important to save enough time for the proofreading part. Don’t try writing and proofreading at the same time — our brain is not created to do it. We cannot devote ourselves fully both to creative and checking activities at the same time. Your brain will just have to skip from one task to another very fast, none of the tasks will be done perfectly, and you will get tired faster. Not the result you would like to receive, is it?

It is better, of course, if you use a paid service, as they, logically, find more mistakes and give more detailed explanations. We would recommend Grammarly Premium for these purposes. However, if you are not inclined to pay for a proofreading service right away, use several free ones. They use different algorithms, so when combined, even in free versions, will find more mistakes.

Once you are done with proofreading, you will probably start editing your references, in-text citations, and work-cited pages. Again, you can use online services to make your life easier. Use a citation generator, but make sure it supports the latest updates in MLA and APA manuals. You can both use them for in-text citations and annotated bibliography. Good news — most of them are free!

We cannot promise that after reading this article, you will start writing essays like a pro, but we really believe that there is a chance. Read more, learn from your mistakes, and get the best of what online services have to offer.