Breakfast like a king

Actor Priya Banerjee talks about her diet and fitness regime

After my debut in 2013 in the Telugu film Kiss, I got a chance to work in my second Telugu film Joru with Sundeep Kishan and Rashi Khanna as other leads. It was quite random how I started my acting journey. I never planned to move from Canada to India to work as an actor; it all just happened when I randomly auditioned for Kiss. I got the part and I enjoyed every bit of being in front of the camera which made me realise this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. And the rest is history. I have been able to be a part of some really nice projects in different languages—Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. I debuted on the silver screen with Jazbaa which was a fantastic film. I have also done a couple of web series. From Vikram Bhatt’s Rain being the first, I have done Bekaboo, Fuh Se Fantasy, Baarish, Hello Mini, and my latest one is another project by Vikram—Twisted 3.

In my free time, I love dancing and watching series. I have also started reading books; I just started reading Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. I am also learning to play the guitar. When it comes to fitness, I am not really the gym-going kind but I love running; even when I am shooting, I find time to go for a run. My diet keeps changing but I go by the aphorism—eat your breakfast like a king and your dinner like a pauper. I don’t really play sports but I follow a lot of hockey, probably it is the hidden Canadian inside of me. Even my family enjoys watching hockey. They mean the world to me and they will always be my number one priority. I am a big fan of homemade snacks and one can find me munching on them when I am up late in the night. However, I try to make it a point that I sleep before midnight but schedules change when I am shooting.

Her diet

Early morning: I start my day with warm water, lemon and honey. It keeps me glowing.

Breakfast: I usually like eggs, fruits and a nice cup of coffee.

Lunch: I prefer having home-cooked meals. A simple dal or vegetable curry with some Indian bread.

Snack: I munch on homemade snacks, fruits and nuts.

Dinner: It is usually very light. A vegetable salad or some soup. This way, I think my metabolism is kept on tab.

Nutrition advice:

✲ Starting the day with lemon water is brilliant as it kick starts the metabolism for the day. A breakfast comprising of eggs and fruits are great, too.

✲ Add a smoothie with green leafy vegetables or a single-fruit smoothie. Super charge it with chia seeds.

✲ For lunch, a bowl of salad is a good addition as fibrous food improves gut health and promotes better skin.

✲ It is best to consume fruits in the first half of the day. In the latter part of the day, try having sprouts, salads, raw nuts and seeds.

✲ For dinner, try a single serving of carbohydrates like quinoa, oats, amaranth and red rice poha. Also add a portion of protein such as eggs and paneer.

As told to Oshin Grace Daniell