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Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent threatens to wage war against Pak

al-qaeda-indian-subcontinent AQIS has also, for the first time, openly declared its leaders | via Commons

Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) has threatened to launch a major attack against Pakistan.

In a recent statement, named 'standard operating procedure for the Mujahideen', AQIS has termed Pakistan as a nation of traitors. “Pakistan has continuously been giving Muslims bluffs,” the statement, in the possession of THE WEEK, said.

Al Qaeda said it would free Pakistan of the kafirs who are working at the behest of the US and the British. “America has created tyranny against Muslims all over the world. It has created big groups of Muslim kafirs who betray their nations and Quran. We will tackle them,” the statement said.

Written in three languages—English, Bengali and Arabic—the statement said Al Qaeda would single out forces and intelligence officials of Pakistan and would finish them and termed this a “top priority”. “It’s no doubt that Pakistan intelligence is doing the major crime. We have no alternative but to fight them,” it said.

According to AQIS, forces like army, a section of police and intelligence in Pakistan are hindrances for enforcing Sharia in Pakistan and said it would attack mainly the ISI, military and intelligence.

“Mostly the officers, bureaucrats and ministers would be attacked. They are from intelligence, military intelligence, air force and armed forces and special forces like counter-terrorism department of police. We will also attack the retired armed forces officials like IGs and generals who helped Pakistan government to formulate policies in favour of the US. We may also abduct them as well,” AQIS said.

In the statement circulated in June, AQIS has also threatened to attack jails in Pakistan to free the terrorists lodged there. “Those who have been lodged there are our brothers and sisters. We would have to free them,” it said.

For the first time, AQIS has also said their jihad would expand from India to Myanmar. The statement said AQIS had taken a strong objection to the manner in which Myanmar dealt with Rohingyas and other Muslim communities there. “We will have to save Islamic Arakans from Myanmar forces.”

In the note, AQIS has declared Afghanistan as the headquarters for Al Qaeda across the world and asked jihadis in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar to help Afghan Mujahideen get back the territory they had lost to US-led forces. “We want to tell Indian Muslims that secular leaders in India are biggest threats for them. We would have to eradicate such threats,” AQIS said.

It said Al-Qaeda would never accept the “atrocities against Kashmiris” and added that it would take decisive steps against the forces deployed in Kashmir. “What you are seeing in Kashmir is nothing but jihad. It would be intensified in the coming days,” said the note.

AQIS has also, for the first time, openly declared its leaders. It said Shura in Afghanistan, following the directions by of top leader al-Zawahiri, has chosen S.H. Akhandzada as the emir of Al Qaeda.

Akhandzada was chosen after the recent death of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor who had taken office after the demise of Mullah Mohammed Omar.

AQIS has also named Maulana Asim Umar as the emir of AQIS. Umar is believed to be in Afghanistan now.

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