'Aamir' gets slapped over 8 million times, now you can kiss him

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A college project by the students of an advertising school is going viral on the internet. Two students of Miami Ad school were tasked to work on a project related to real-time adverting based on trending topics. And their search for hot trends led to controversy surrounding Bollywood Aamir Khan.

Aamir's statement that his wife Kiran feared for lives of her family and suggested leaving India in the light of growing intolerance, at a recent media event, did not go down well with many. As the issue snowballed into a political controversy, the actor and his family came under heavy fire, with right-wing groups even booking air tickets for Aamir and his family to Pakistan.

The Shiv Sena in Punjab even went further and announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for slapping Aamir, which 'inspired' Miami Ad school students to come up with a virtual platform to slap 'Aamir'.

Students Himanish and Dhvani wanted to grab the attention at a large-scale to their advertising project to highlight their message of tolerance.

“We wanted to mock the ongoing controversy over Aamir's statement with humour by exercising our freedom of expression,” said Himanish.

The creators of, said they recorded over 8 million slaps in 15 hours before it was taken down.

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“While many understood, others who were not able to see the subtle humour and message in the campaign, just enjoyed virtually slapping 'Aamir',” he said. “After we reached over 80 lakh slaps on the website, we decided to launch the phase 2 of our project.”

The has been replaced with

“Lakhs of kisses were recorded in just few hours after the launch. And we are sure, we will record more kisses for 'Amair' than slaps,” he said.

The website boasts of a disembodied lips, which allows visitors to plant kisses around the face of Aamir. The actor's facial reaction changes with very kiss coupled with sound.

The website had recorded more than a million kisses when this article was being written.

Himanish attributes to social media for helping their work to reach millions of people in record time.

“People instantly liked the website and widely shared it, for the humour of it,” he said.

“It was just for fun and I am sure even Amair will like it,” he added.

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