Give what they need—not what you fancy!

  • Gifting site Wishtry, is a clearing house for gifters and recipients

Indians are increasingly veering to hardnosed practicality when it comes to gifts at weddings, birthdays etc: give what recipients need and will appreciate. If this means looking at the wishlist of the birthday boy (or girl) or the wedded couple and selecting from there -- why not?

Started in Mumbai in October 2016, Wishtry is an online gift registry which allows the recipient to browse through different websites, select the gifts that strike one’s fancy and add it onto the Wishtry list. One can curate a wishlist with handpicked items from varied online stores, and share it with family and friends. This mode of shopping prevents one from being inundated with duplicagt gifts or stuff not to one’s taste.

Wishtry also does away with awkward formalities and enables you to gift cash in the most efficient and effortless manner. It also serves as a fund raising tool for various organisations. It also provides opportunities to these organisations to give back to society by indulging in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Everybody has a wish list. Why not simply convey the same to the gift giver? This is Wishtry's mantra. The company was co founded by Yogita Parekh( CEO) who earlier founded leading event management company, Top Notch; Aditi Mehta ( President), MBA in marketing from Melbourne, Australia and Shailie Parekh ( Vice President) a Senior Digital Media planner for Hindustan Unilever.

(Last year at this site we had reported on a similar initiative, MyThofa)

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