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Post-festival cleansing


The festival season has almost come to an end. Along with the host of celebrations and weddings, comes festive eating. And you mercilessly feed your bodies to fat, sugar-laden foods, white flour, fried food items, juices, aerated drinks, milkshakes, cocktails and alcohol. Food that are energy stealers causing low immunity stress, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, frustration, poor performance and mood swings. Automatically, these make us more vulnerable to common colds, coughs, fever, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight gain.

Year after year, we put our bodies through this. It is time we prevent this by looking at our daily diet. Understand how scientific our traditional Indian diet is and how it has foods that help detoxify your bodies and boost your immune system.

Much has been said about detoxing as a means of maintaining good health. It gives you positive direction and heightens self awareness. Spiritually and scientifically, it improves self-discipline.

By drinking only an extra quart of water a day, eating more fruits and vegetables, turning organic and cutting off refined flour and sugar we can eliminate toxins. As a first step, detox your kitchen—get rid of all the fatty, sugar-laden foods, white flour and packaged and processed comfort foods in your kitchen.

Assess your toxic load—one point for every yes and zero for every no. If your score is more than five, you need to detoxify.

•Do you feel tired when you wake up?
•Do you drink more than three cups of coffee?
•Do you suffer from skin rashes or spots around the mouth?
•Do you suffer from bloating after meals?
•Do you have an alcoholic drink most days?
•Do you smoke or live with smokers?
•Do you live or work in a city?
•Do you rarely eat fresh fruits or vegetables?
•Do you eat red meat more than twice a week?
•Do you eat fried food and junk foods?
•Do you suffer from constant colds, hay fever or allergies?
•Do you have mood swings?
•Do you crave for certain foods such as candy or bread?
•Do you skip meals, especially breakfast?
•Do you put on weight easily?
•Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
•Do you often have irregular bowel movements?
•Do your joints or muscles sometimes ache? •Do you feel tired and lethargic most of the time? •Do you suffer from fungal infections?


What to do?

•Go organic as much as possible
•Drink more water
•Eat more fruits and vegetables
•Cut down on grains
•Keep a food diary
•Start exercising
•Cut off alcohol
•Cut down on caffeine
•Practice deep breathing
•Cut down on dairy products and non-vegetarian food

Benefits of detoxing

•Removes naturally accumulated waste via sweat, faeces and urine
•Body’s elimination systems work effectively
•Helps cast off a couple of pounds
•Leads to improved blood parameters, wellness, concentration, performance and disease prevention
•Delays premature aging and degeneration
•Regulates your sleep patterns
•Boosts your emotional wellbeing
•Improves immune system

Detox routine

1.Start your day with lemon water.

2.Have fruits till 11 am. Cut down on caffeine, shift to green tea and herbal infusions.

3.Have any vegetable juice at 11 am.

4.For lunch, have a salad + vegetable + 2 bajra/jowar/rajgira/or ragi rotis or one medium bowl brown rice with lightly steamed sprouts.

5.Have a fruit at 4 pm.

6.Between 6 and 7 pm, have a salad and soup. Much on some stir fried veggies and a handful of nuts.

Do this for a week, every three months. It will refresh and rejuvenate you.

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