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PatelProtest-JanakPatel-3 People from the Patel community hold placards and shout slogans during a protest rally demanding reservation in Ahmedabad | JANAK PATEL

It has been six decades since independence and the reservation system still cannot reach people who are socially and economically backward because of the wrong policies and wide gap between the administration and target groups. People should be granted reserved status based on their present standards of living, education, employment, social standing, geographical isolation and linguistic problems. The government must provide benefits to catalyse their uplift. Caste-based reservation leads to an unequal, undignified and unfaithful relationship among communities. It encourages caste-based politics. If reservation is granted to all, then how can a group achieve equality and social justice? The government should immediately cut all benefits to wealthy reserved classes.

Uttam K. Bhowmik
Dhalhara, West Bengal

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