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media-trail-generic-ap-6 Media personnel crowd around a van carrying a juvenile convicted of rape, outside the juvenile justice board in New Delhi | AP

It is disappointing to see the electronic media’s predilection for high-profile murder mysteries at its peak due to the tough competition for TRP ratings. I urge every media house to keep in mind that it is neither an investigation agency to nail the truth nor is it a statutory public court to deliver instant justice. I wonder if the media is equally interested in dealing with each murder case involving common people?

The media hype surrounding high-profile murder cases and speculation-based coverage certainly impacts the progress of a fair investigation. For instance, in the infamous Arushi Talwar murder case, it is alleged that crucial evidences were destroyed as overenthusiastic media personnel were given access to the crime scene soon after the news of the murder broke out, thus making it one of the severely complicated murder mysteries. And now, in Indrani’s case, a common man is confounded to understand as to why the mainstream media is obsessed with a murder mystery concerning an affluent family, while conveniently ignoring other tormenting issues.

These debates, stories, and editorial volumes on high profile murder cases may further inspire a spiced up whodunit for Bollywood, but is of no benefit for a commoner. The electronic media has to understand that compelling its viewers to follow the sordid developments of an utterly unnecessary media investigation is the sleaziest way to flaunt freedom of speech.

Ippili Santhosh Kumar

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