It's insult, not humour


Open Letter to stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat on his spoof video

Dear Tanmay,

I really wonder whether you are pleased with your video that has not just offended the sensibilities of your two victims but thousands of others who feel that you have endeavoured to pass off insult as humour. It is also pretty evident that you have chosen luminaries like Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar so that you could get maximum mileage as these are two of the biggest icons whom the country has placed on a high pedestal. And by the way, has anyone even found your effort even remotely funny? Pardon me, Tanmay, the clip is crass, crude and banal to say the least. Your reputation as a popular stand up comedian is on the line as you have just goofed up big time. And if your intention was to belittle Lata and Sachin and bring them down a notch or two you have again failed to hit the bull’s eye. Get your act together, Tanmay before you turn into a has-been and a comic long past his sell by date. Sorry, for being frank, but you are only getting what you deserve.

C.V. Aravind


Jokes must go on

You are a celebrity. You are more popular than ever. You were known for your humour and now you are even more famous—for your humour.

So, how did this claim-to-fame happen overnight when people are still struggling to be in the spotlight? Simple. It's because you did what you do—make people laugh with no holds barred.

You meant a joke to be a joke. It should have fun and so what if it rubs a few people the wrong way. It's a joke. Don't we have a sense of humour anymore or do we still want to be the constipated Indian?

I wonder why would anyone want to string you up. Is it that that they didn't get the joke or that they don't know how to laugh or were they greedy for political brownie points? Why all the hullabaloo when the celebrities themselves maintained a dignified silence and took it in their stride?

It's funny that there is so much tamasha over your joke but people don't mind spitting venom against each other on a daily basis. Considering the rate at which it is happening today, most Indians would be in the dock.

It's laughable that people are asking you to apologise. Please don't do so. We need people to stand their ground and quell this hypocrisy of holier-than-thou attitude. Such people are like our censor board who ban anything and everything about sex on screen, ironically in the land of Kamasutra and the most populous nation.

Anil J. Rebello


Plain buffoonery

The two most cowardice and mediocre acts on earth are “abusing the God” and “kicking a corpse”, because both neither hit back nor react instantaneously. You chose to resort to first of them. Bravo!

You justify this 'comedy' in the name of freedom of expression? Can you now justify closing the toilet door before squatting? Why should one be doing that if everybody knows what is happening behind that door and himself does so, too, at least once a day? Would you call it freedom of answering nature’s call and keep the door open (I hope you do not actually do that)?

Though our Constitution has given us many rights, including freedom of expression, they are all for leading the righteous way of life. Samuel Colt had invented pistol for self-defence and fighting against the wrong. Can IS be absolved of all crimes for using a weapon to kill innocent people on the pretext that it was invented legally?

Grow up, lad! If you were facing identity crisis, an easier way to get featured in news channels and national dailies would have been to run nude on Juhu beach!

Rajneesh Batra


Don't cross limits

It’s truly a shame that comedy, which is supposed to make people laugh and help them relax, has been used to defame great personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. These kind of spoof videos on celebrities don’t prove your sense of humour.

Viewers like us truly admired your programme On Air with AIB, which was telecast on Star Plus and Hotstar. But these kind of videos are disgraceful. Comedy should not be used to hurt or humiliate a person but to bring a smile on the face.

There is a limit to every comic scene. Crossing the limits and trying to sully a person's image by such filthy comedy is not acceptable. Hope your actions are not repeated.

Arathi Raghuveer

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