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India Election

If one thought India's political parties were a fractious lot, given to squabbling and scoring brownie points off each other, one would not be far off the mark. However, there are rare occasions when you show uncommon unity. One such instance is when you try to keep yourselves outside the purview of the RTI Act. The Central Information Commission has said that six national parties have been indirectly funded by the Centre and that you have the character of a public authority under the RTI Act as you perform public functions. The income tax exemptions and free air time given to you by All India Radio and Doordarshan during elections substantially contribute to indirect government functioning.

Since you affect the lives of the citizens, directly or indirectly, and are continuously engaged in performing public duty, it is important that you become accountable to public.

While RTI activists are fighting to preserve the sanctity of the Act, you are needlessly worrying about coming under the ambit of the RTI Act. It is a pity that you are busy fencing yourselves off from the law.

Padmini Raghavendra

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