Not reaching the right people

PatelProtest-JanakPatel-1 People from the Patel community hold placards and shout slogans during a protest rally demanding reservation in Ahmedabad | JANAK PATEL

It is indeed very sad that even after 68 years of independence, there are many communities that are not only below the poverty line, but are also socially backward. Many groups are languishing in abject poverty and are subjected to the curse of untouchability. The reservation system hasn't helped them much as most benefits are not reaching the right people and find way to undeserving groups. Another bottle neck is the clamour of even well-developed communities such as the Jats and Patels, who are seeking the OBC status.

Ironically, the groups that should have moved up the social ladder by now, are the ones claiming for the OBC status. While we clearly understand that the present agitation by the Patels to be classified as an OBC group is only a ploy to pave an easy way for the BJP government to do away with the reservations, it should also be understood that caste-based reservation cannot be done away at least for a few more decades as many communities still deserve reservation and are yet to see a the first generation of graduates in their families.

Tharcius S.Fernando

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